#32 Finding our motivation to lead

Management is a tough job. It’s not for everyone. Managers need motivation to get up and do their job day after day. Tim and Pilar explore what keeps them going.

2:40mins Pilar’s secret sauce is the joy of collaboration. She explains why this is important to her and details the wonderful behaviours she sees when a team collaborates really well.

7:00 We talk about the relationship between the team’s results and the manager’s motivation. If the team doesn’t deliver results then motivation is definitely impacted. But for Pilar and Tim achieving results isn’t enough motivation on it’s own. How we get there also matters. Tim references a book (that he hasn’t read) called “The Score Takes Care of Itself” by Bill Walsh.

9:00 Tim highlights that as a leader sometimes results are out of your hands. So it helps to have a variety of motivations.

10:30 Our needs can change over time. e.g. Pilar’s motivation has gradually shifted from group collaboration to smaller partnerships.

12:00 The benefits of having multiple sources of motivation. Which leads again to a discussion about self awareness and the importance of understanding what motivates us. For example it can help us identify if our work environment isn’t able to provide what we need to feel motivated.

We are curious about you, dear listener? What motivates you to continue your career in management? We’d love to hear from you.

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