#50 Celebrating big or small

We tend to miss the smaller moments of achievement. Our focus is often on big organisational or team goals, huge milestones where we come together to celebrate (like the 50th episode of Management Cafe!). But in today’s coffee catchup we are talking about more personal achievements.

The sort of things which seem less consequential on the surface but can have an outsize impact on our performance. “Small-c celebrations” can tap into our deepest personal motivations as a manager, highlighting the behaviours which matter most, sustaining us during hard times and protecting us against burnout.

0:40 min A lot of progress is too gradual to notice and big wins are wonderful, but also ephemeral. As managers this can leave us struggling to find things to celebrate.

4:40 As leaders we are often focused on team success and tend to ignore our own achievements.

7:00 Managers, like everyone else, benefit from recognition. Recognising and reinforcing good behaviours helps us improve. And remembering the good times and our good qualities can help us when things aren’t going so well.

10:40 Pilar suggests personal celebrations can be a strategy to protect against burnout.

13:00 This practice helps us understand which parts of work give us the greatest satisfaction or motivation. This can be very handy when navigating difficult situations.

15:50 These moments might be more personal or more frequent. But that doesn’t mean they are small to you.

What about you, dear listener? Do you have “small” moments that you treasure? How do you celebrate them? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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