#41 Running a business with someone else

Pilar and Tim explore their experiences of being co-founders or co-managers, as well as being solely in charge. The co-founder dynamic is inevitably going to experience some challenges as a business has its ups and downs. The way that founders communicate, collaborate, challenge and complement each other has a huge impact on the culture of… Continue reading #41 Running a business with someone else

#40 A manager’s most important role is to “give the quiet ones a voice”

This concept comes from Kate Murphy’s excellent book “You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why It Matters“. For many of us silence can be challenging, it is often considered a sign that something is wrong. What happens when we approach the quiet ones with curiosity? 1:30min Who are the quiet ones? Why might they… Continue reading #40 A manager’s most important role is to “give the quiet ones a voice”

#38 Tackling the asynchronous environment

What happens for managers when work moves away from real time meeting focussed and more towards asynchronous? Communication and team interaction can be as unique and nuanced as each individual human. So how do we navigate management when our team are spending large parts of their time working async? 1:30mins We talk about some of… Continue reading #38 Tackling the asynchronous environment