#27 How do We Learn about Management?

Pilar and Tim share how they learn and develop their leadership practice.

1:50 Tim’s largely self-taught experience of management

3:00 Where to look for information about being a good manager

4:00 We discuss role models and whether our role models are aware of their influence on us

5:10 Promoting managers based on skill vs seniority, should management be the main goal for being promoted?

6:30 Tim shares his best sources for management inspiration

7:45 Tim mentions the book Powerful by Patti McCord

8:15 We share how books influence us, what do we do after reading a book that changes our thinking?

10:30 Using information as a starting point for a further conversation. Who can you talk to when “road testing” a new piece of knowledge?

12:30 Sharing our knowledge vs keeping it to ourselves.

14:10 Pilar shares where she got support when dealing with an unhelpful board

15:00 Is most of our learning about management formal or informal? We suggest a lot is informal which requires the right environment to be able to share.

17:35 We discuss what makes a good environment for these sort of learning conversations.

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