#29 Moving from an individual contributor to manager (part 1)

What changes when you become a manager? In this episode Pilar and Tim explore how boundaries and relationships shift when you move into leadership, amongst many other things.

1:30 Typical paths into leadership roles and Tim shares his own journey.

3:20 Can managers be an unnecessary layer? Do all teams need a manager?

4:20 We go deep on what are the actual responsibilities of a manager.

8:10 The benefit that can come from offloading some of our responsibilities to our manager.

9:50 Back to discussing what changes when you move from an individual contributor within a team to managing that team.

11:30 “Complaints go up” from Saving Private Ryan.

12:30 Pilar recommends the book “The First 90 days” for helping new managers adjust.

14:00 How the dynamic of gossip and grumbling changes when someone is promoted into management.

16:00 Are managers psychologists?

17:40 How to find your own authentic leadership style.

18:55 Pilar identifies the curse of the middle manager.

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