#30 Moving from individual contributor to manager (part 2)

What changes when you become a manager? Pilar and Tim continue talking about how boundaries and relationships shift when you move into leadership.

1.10mins It feels different to be promoted in a team where people already know you, than being promoted into a new team, where you start with a clean slate. With a new team you can change your behaviour if it helps you, but in a new team, the change will be visible and might jar. Pilar has an example of someone behaving “like they thought a manager would”. This is fine in experimenting, but a problem if we get trapped in it. Because then we can’t give the best of ourselves.

We want a fast solution for some of the scariest things, but sometimes, Tim has found that acting as true to ourselves as possible works best.

04.27mins To act as true to yourself as possible, you have to know yourself. In fact, Tim believes that becoming a manager gives you an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. When you manage people, you become exposed in new ways, so the opportunity for growth is there.

09.27mins There’s a whole range of ways in which people change they’re behaviour when they become managers. It sends all sorts of messages to the people you are leading, if they knew you before… It can create a strange dynamic.

11.15mins Why people are promoted matters in how everyone behaves in the shift as well. And if other people in the team also wanted the job, that complicates things…

Listeners, we’d love to know whether things that happened at the beginning of your promotion shaped how you behaved in your new management post.

Also, what worked for YOU when you became a manager? What worked for your team? We could all learn from that?

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