#34 Is delegation hard?

Handing tasks and responsibility to others is at the core of management. This is easy in principle but sometimes hard in practice. Tim and Pilar discuss delegation over a coffee.

0:30mins Do business owners struggle with delegation more than other folks.

3:00 We can attached to our routine tasks which means delegation can bring discomfort. It can be challenging to let go of familiar tasks.

6:20 People who lay railway tracks vs people who drive trains up and down the tracks.

7:45 Does delegation mean taking your hands off entirely?

10:00 How to judge whether delegation is going well. Trust is crucial to a good delegation relationship especially if you, the manager, don’t have a deep understanding of the tasks and processes that you have delegated.

13:30 Pilar highlights the benefits of regular communication processes to support checking in. Like 1:1’s.

15:20 We share some indicators of when more delegation is required or of when delegation is working well.

We are curious about you, dear listener? What shows you that delegation has gone too far? We’d love to hear from you.

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