#35 Developing People

Managers have a responsibility to help their people discover and sustain the best version of themselves. But is this just in the context of our specific role and responsibilities? Or can we use work as a place to practice being a better human being? Tim and Pilar dive into people development.

1:50mins What sort of environments are conducive to personal development? It can be different for each person.

3:45 Pilar talks about the sort of person who thrives in high pressure and stressful situations. The conditions for development can be very different for this archetype.

6:30 Tim shares his theory of approaching work as a training ground. Work presents us with a fairly controlled environment, like a video game, where we can learn and experiment. With work tasks but also with broader forms of personal development.

11:30 Should we bring our whole selves to work? Tim argues people just need to feel like themselves.

13:00 Managers can tap into people’s natural drive to grow in a wide range of areas both work related and more personal. This gives a broader view of what development might look like. Pilar shares how trying many different experiences was important for her in finding her path.

16:30 How do we uncover what is meaningful ways to develop people that are meaningful to them. We discuss Russ Laraway’s 3 career conversations model.

19:10 Pilar shares a story of how viewing someone holistically uncovered a simple solution which made a huge difference. We muse on what it means to people when their manager sees them in this way.

We are curious about you, dear listener? Are there ways you develop your people beyond training and courses? We’d love to hear from you.

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