#37 The multiple aspects of meetings

It’s hard to imagine a manager without meetings. As leaders we don’t just participate, we also need to run great meetings. All sorts of interesting and unique things can happen when people come together for a group discussion. And yet many of us have a love/hate relationship with meetings.

1:30mins Tim explains what he likes about meetings.

2:30 Pilar recalls the frustration that comes when the enthusiasm generated in a meeting doesn’t actually result in actions.

5:00 We discuss how leaders can have different aims in a meeting vs team members. For example Tim generally tries to finish a meeting with less tasks than he started with.

6:00 Pilar’s friend, the wonderful Judy Rees, starts each meeting by checking with everyone about what they want to get out of it.

7:20 We talk (for quite a while) about talking too much in meetings. Sometimes if we wait and let others speak, they will make the points we wanted. And as leaders this can give us a wonderful sense of alignment and confidence.

11:30 Pilar talks about the type of meetings that she enjoys. And we muse on what happens when a meeting is more important to you than to the other participants.

13:40 We discuss the different forms that active participation can take. It is not just about talking…

16:10 When we are leading a meeting we have to manage lots of things: the outcome, the group dynamic, people’s individual contribution. These are opportunities to cultivate behaviours and reinforce cultural norms.

18:30 There is a spotlight on the person running the meeting. Tim shares an anecdote about how closely his father’s work colleagues analysed his behaviour in meetings.

We are curious about you, dear listener? What makes a good meeting for you? We’d love to hear from you.

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