#38 Tackling the asynchronous environment

What happens for managers when work moves away from real time meeting focussed and more towards asynchronous? Communication and team interaction can be as unique and nuanced as each individual human. So how do we navigate management when our team are spending large parts of their time working async?

1:30mins We talk about some of the pros and cons of asynchronous work.

6:00 Tim highlights the importance of having alignment within a team about what is async work and what needs to be done more syncronously.

7:00 Coaching is something both Pilar and Tim has found difficult to do well asynchronously. So much that Tim has had to manage his expectations of success.

11:00 Async gives leaders some precious time and space for deep thinking. This can be especially hard to find in a heavily sync environment.

12:00 We explore the dangers of leaving people to “stew” for too long in an async environment. And discuss a few ways you can still have meaningful communication asynchronously.

14:30 On a more meta level, do we need personal or non-work connection with our work colleagues?

16:00 Pilar shares the additional context she gets when interacting with someone synchronously. And how easy it is to forget this and stick to our habitual behaviours.

15:30 We talk about connection and how it can be established async. With a cautionary note that connection is highly contextual and we all experience it differently.

We are curious about you, dear listener? How has asynchronous working impacted your leadership practice? We’d love to hear from you.

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