#25 Our First Experiences of Leading Others

In this first episode of our new season, Pilar and Tim give some background to their professional history.

Humans organise into groups and need leadership in many different contexts. Pilar and Tim share the belief that leadership should be helping people to grow and develop. Good leaders care about connecting with people through their work.

1:45 Tim shares where he is at professionally.

3:00 We share how our leadership has changed over time and through our “outside of work” experiences. And learn we are the same age!

4:30 We explore the parallels between being a parent and being a manager.

6:45 Tim explains how he learnt on the job at Shield GEO

10:00 Pilar’s journey involved leadership responsibility from a young age through her involvement with theatre.
13:15 We try to understand the concept of management beyond a corporate environment.
16:20 We debate whether leaders are born or made. And explore important attributes for a good leader.

How about you? What were your first experiences of leading others?
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